Les Wood has been training in various combat arts since the age of 13.   Starting out in Judo and progressing to classical Karate, Kung Fu,Boxing, and Arnis de Mano. he has been teaching adults and children for some 40 years.  He firmly believes that as one  also teaches.  He has always had a keen interest in physical fitness and believes that overall fitness should play a role in any boxing or martial arts program.  The boxing style that he teaches is one that was pioneered by the late Val Boston and was taught to him by one of Mr. Boston’s students.  With the assistance of various training partners Les has been experimenting and integrating this style with other martial arts disciplines.

Les has been training and teaching for well over 40 years. his teachers and students have included a cross section of people including law enforcement, military and just plain street fighters. His concentration and interest has been how the defensive arts can be made relevant to the present world we live in and that is evident in his teaching method. He has taught children’s classes as well.